Don't Ignore HVAC Problems

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What happens when your air conditioner blows hot air or your heater gives off foul odors? These are signs of HVAC issues that need attention as soon as possible. You can count on Custom Contract Services for efficient HVAC repair in Houston, TX. We can diagnose and solve HVAC issues in both homes and commercial spaces. You'll get sound advice and attentive customer service when you work with us.

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Monitor your HVAC system

Monitor your HVAC system

Every part of your HVAC system needs TLC sometimes. That's why our team has developed versatile repair skills. You can hire us for anything, from a furnace tune-up to an air duct repair. We work on air handlers and condensers, as well as whole-house dehumidifiers and air filters. No matter what the issue is, we'll find a solution.

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